Ceramic coating


Member @foolery mentioned that he applied a ceramic coating to his XT6. Can we get a discussion going on ceramic coatings? How much does it cost, and is it worth it?

I recall plastic films for the front end used to be popular. Are people still doing that? Do you do both a front end film and a ceramic coating? Do ceramic coatings hold up in winter weather, and how often do you reapply?


Everything you need to know about ceramic coatings, from a popular YouTuber. Coatings can last at least three years.


I have done quite a few cars with ceramic. They do withstand the weather quite well. I take my cars straight from the dealer to my local guy. Cost between $350 to $500 CDN depending on the products.

My last 2 cars have been done with System X Ceramic. I can tell you the fists 2019 Mini JCW ‘vert with 2000 miles I’ve only washed once.

My 2020 XT6 now has 1,200 miles and is spotless.

Snow, ice, bugs slide off… always shine, look better than new. My last car ‘17 Denali XL was coated week one and 21 moths later looked amazing when traded. Only washed once a month and 2 hand washes during the same period before extra special events…


Thanks for the info. Good to know that the ceramic does withstand the weather up here.


I think this thread has convinced me to give ceramic coating a try.


For anyone looking for a clear bra plastic protection film for the XT6, I found a vendor on eBay that already has the pieces custom cut in 3M protection film for the XT6. About $480. I don’t have any affiliation or history of purchases from this seller, so if anyone buys this, let me know if everything fits as it should.


I just had my crystal white tricoat XT6 done inside and out this week with the Ceramic Pro Gold package. Took about 2.5 days. Could not be happier!


Congrats! Did you also add paint protection film? I’m not sure if both should be done, or if i should go with just ceramic.


No I did not get the protection film. If you decide to get the Ceramic coating, make sure you go to a trustworthy detailer who has a facility to do the work properly.