Lincoln Aviator vs. Cadillac XT6

#1 gives the nudge to the Aviator, especially on the interior. What does everyone else think?

One big plus for the Aviator will be the PHEV drivetrain, for those of us who have a way to charge an electric vehicle.


I’m giving the Aviator a hard look. It’s between the Aviator and XT6 for me. My wife gets a discount on Ford through her work (I think it’s called X Plan?) so that’s a consideration. I need to drive the SUVs and actually crunch the numbers with the dealers to see where we end up. In the meantime, I’m keeping informed.

We have an old Honda Pilot that we’re making due with for now.


Jalopnik slammed the XT6 today in this article about the Aviator. I think we aree going to see lots of Aviator vs. XT6 comparisons in the future. There should be some comparison tests published soon.

I do hope Cadillac adds some sort of hybrid option in the near future to better compete with the Aviator plug-in hybrid. I know lots of people with Lexus RX hybrids who now won’t consider an SUV without a hybrid drivetrain.


There are serious quality problems with the initial batch of Lincoln Aviator. The issues are so serious that Lincoln has ordered a stop-sale on all Aviators at dealerships right now.

Who knows when that will be resolved. I think anyone interested in an Aviator should wait a year or two for the bugs to be worked out. In the meantime, by all accounts XT6 quality has been strong. I haven’t read any reports of major XT6 issues yet.


Has anyone here driven an Aviator for comparison? Any thoughts?


Motor Trend compared the two in a recent test and chose the Aviator. In response, I predict GM will update the XT6 sooner than planned.

I won’t waste your time. I’m not going to yank your chain. No dillydallying here, heaven forbid. If you’re shopping for an American three-row luxury SUV, it would be a regretful mistake to buy a Cadillac XT6 over the Lincoln Aviator.