New member from Sarasota, Florida


Greetings, I am looking for a place to discuss issues about my XT6 and to help other where I can. The major options on my vehicle are:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (DRIVER ASSIST PACKAGE)
  • Ventilated seats, remember I live in Florida (COMFORT AND AIR QUALITY PACKAGE)
  • Six passenger configuration
  • Towing package
  • Premium headlamp system
  • Cadillac user experience with navigation, which I had to take to get the vehicle most optioned the way I want in a reasonable time.


Welcome to the XT6 forum! If I lived in Florida, I would definitely go for the ventilated seats. I’m in Michigan, so we don’t need those up here!

How do you like the adaptive cruise control? I’ve never owned a vehicle with that feature before.


I had the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) in my 2017 Acadia as well as the XT6. Once you have it, you will never go back.


Welcome. Anyone know much an XT6 can tow with or without the towing package? I don’t know if I need the towing package.


Without towing package: Max Trailer weight: 1,000 lbs., max tongue weight: 100 lbs.
With towing package: Max Trailer weight: 4,000 lbs. max tongue weight: 400 lbs.
Found on page 251 of 2020 XT6 Owners’ Manual


By the way, I lived in Michigan for 18 years before I moved to Florida December 1, 2008. I worked for GM in Dayton, Ohio and then for 2 companies previously owned by GM: EDS and Kettering University (GMI).


@fzy8gc Good to see someone else with a Michigan connection on the forum! During the winters here, sometimes I dream of moving to Florida, haha.


I read it was 1,500 lbs. If you tow at all I would order it. At least then you have a fully functioning - correctly connected wiring harness.
You also get the bigger alternator and I think i proved cooling.


Thanks @fzy8gc and @foolery. I’ll find one with the towing package then.


Welcome. Glad to welcome everyone on board.


More people need to know to order the towing package. Without the towing package, that’s not much capability, and I expect some people will buy an XT6 and later be surprised to learn it can’t tow very much.