Touble with CUE Voice Recognition for cellphone with large number of contacts, 2020 XT6


I am having trouble accessing my cellphone contacts via the CUE voice command. I have little to no trouble selecting a radio station using voice command. I have over 1,100 contacts on my phone.
I have no trouble accessing my contacts if I hold the voice command button until it passes through to Google phone assistant. (see page 54 in the “The Next Generation Cadillac User Experience” manual.
Is anyone else having trouble with CUE voice commands?


I tried playing with the CUE voice command at the dealer and did not have any issues. Maybe someone else can chime in.


I was at the dealer this morning. If you say, “Call Ronald McDonald” it fails every time to find the correct contact no matter which contact you try to call. If you go through the prompts, e.g. “Phone”…“Contact”…“Ronald McDonald”. it works. The floor boss and I agree, it is a software issue. The floor boss had a service order written to take it to the next level of GM support.


Keep us updated. I’m sitting for a bit waiting to see if there any early issues with the first models that I need to look out for. Hopefully this is just a software patch and nothing in the hardware needs to be replaced.


I will keep you posted. Remember the XT6 has a 4 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Plus you generally do not have to wait for a loaner at a good Cadillac dealership. A good dealership give you a good vehicle to drive when yours in for service. One that doesn’t have this is a curtesy vehicle written all over it.